Thursday, 6 June 2013

SusChem voted Key Innovator for Smart Cities

A set of chemistry-based proposals for increasing energy efficiency in buildings from the European Technology Platform (ETP) for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) has been voted as one of the top three key innovations needed to transform European cities at the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform Annual Conference in Budapest.

On Wednesday 5 June, SusChem’s proposal on advanced materials for energy efficiency and buildings was voted as one of the top three Key Innovations critical to the sustainable development of European cities at the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform annual conference. The SusChem proposal highlights five major chemistry-enabled solutions that have been tested and proven to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings as well as contribute towards achieving the EU 20-20-20 targets.

The vote for the participants'  favourite Key Innovations closed the first day of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform Annual Conference. Following a full afternoon of parallel sessions where the conference delegates learned more about the 13 Key Innovation proposed by the Platform, the audience had the chance to vote its 'top three'.

Chemical winners
Key Chemistry-enabled Solutions for Smart Cities:

  • High Reflectance Indoor Coatings
  • High Reflectance and Durable Outdoor Coatings
  • High Performance Insulation Foams 
  • High Performance Vacuum Insulation Panels
  • Phase Change Materials (PCM) 

The chemistry industry’s Key Innovations were presented by Rinske van Heiningen of Akzo Nobel in his presentation on Advanced Materials for Energy Services.

According Jacques Komornicki, SusChem coordinator and Innovation Manager at Cefic: "Using these tested energy efficiency solutions can reduce energy use in buildings by up to 70%."

“These innovations are particularly suited to the renovation market and this market in turn has the potential to create growth and jobs in Smart Cities that adopt them whilst also contributing significantly to their emissions reduction goals - a double win!” he continues.

You can learn more about these Key Innovations for Smart Cities in the SusChem report: "Innovative chemistry for Energy efficiency of buildings in smart cities." For more information, please contact Jacques Kormornicki at Cefic directly.

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