Friday, 31 May 2013

Got ideas for a Sustainable Future? – the Sustainability blogging platform - is running a great new competition: “Your ideas for a sustainable future”. The competition aims to encourage young people living in the EU to share their views on how chemistry can ensure that the way we live on our planet and use its resources becomes more sustainable. The best entry wins an iPad!

The competition is aimed at students and young professionals and is all about “chemistry for a sustainable future” – so we hope to see some creative “SusChem-style thinking”!

In 2050, more than 9 billion people will live on our planet. If we don’t change our behaviours, we will need the resources of three of our planets to meet the demands of this soaring population.

Through innovation based on chemistry, we can provide solutions to this shortfall in key areas such as food production, energy, water, health and climate change.

Interested!? Then check out: “What is chemistry’s role in building a sustainable future?” and get thinking about what contribution sustainable chemistry will be making to a better future for everyone. Why not take a look at the SusChem website for some ideas and inspiration?

YourFormula is looking for original and creative thinking and your opinions. Entries can be submitted as:

  • A Youtube video;
  • A slideshow presentation, or
  • An image (such as a poster, an infographic or an advertisement).

Entries are sought from students and young professionals aged between 18 to 30 from the EU. You can submit entries directly onto the site and the contest runs until 15 July.

The best entry will be selected via a combination of a judging panel and the number of times entries are ‘liked’. ‘retweeted’ and otherwise shared via social media. The winner gets an iPad Mini.

To know more about YourFormula visit the website. You can also follow YourForumula on Twitter and on Facebook.

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