Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SusChem Materials Priorities: What are the next steps?

Feedback from the workshop session on Materials at the SusChem Stakeholder meeting is being analysed and incorporated into the SusChem Materials Working Group report. For the second half of 2013 the identified topics will be further assessed and the scope of future research and innovations calls developed. And your participation is encouraged! 

Following the initial analysis, from June to the end of 2013 SusChem will be engaging with key value chain partners through a series of focused workshops to refine the research and innovation agenda and set the basis for successful collaborative project calls early in Horizon 2020.

SusChem News will keep you informed of workshop dates and venues etc.

Of course Horizon 2020 is just one possible route to develop collaborative R&I projects and SusChem is willing and able to facilitate development of materials research programmes under other regional, national or multi-national funding initiatives.

To obtain a copy of the full SusChem Materials Working Group report, please contact the SusChem secretariat.

How can I get involved?
If you want to join the SusChem Materials Working Group and share your expertise and knowledge to enhance the future European materials research and innovation agenda, or have a specific interest in a particular priority topic, please get in touch with SusChem coordinator Jacques Komornicki at Cefic directly.

“Please join us in our quest to ensure European materials research and innovation can make a significant impact on competitiveness and sustainability in Europe and develop more circular, resource efficient value chains,” concludes Jacques.

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