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Thursday 14 April 2016

SusChem Stakeholder Event 2016: Sustainable Chemistry Innovation for Competitiveness

Registration is now open for this year’s SusChem Stakeholder event! Under the overarching theme ‘Sustainable Chemistry Innovation for Competitiveness’ the event will take place on 16 June 2016 at The Bloom Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

The SusChem Stakeholder Event is the biggest annual event held by the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) and brings together the chemical industry, academia, Research Technology Organisations and EU policy representatives to address common challenges and debate priorities in the European chemical and biotechnology innovation sectors.

Following the extensive discussions at our successful 2015 Stakeholder event, significant progress has been made on five crucial innovation priorities areas that were identified at that event:
  • Sustainable bio-economy
  • ICT for processes
  • Water
  • Catalysis
  • Materials for energy
What’s happening?
This year’s event will include a number of exciting activities and present important new developments for the SusChem community, including two lively high-level panel debates to discuss the recently published European Commission Innovation Strategy packages on:
These two interactive panels will bring together strategy experts from the European Commission and captains of industry to discuss the hot topics surrounding these major policy packages such as:
  • Identifying new challenges in and opportunities for sustainable chemistry,
  • Identifying areas of consensus that align with the priorities of the European Commission and the European chemical industry, and
  • Defining news ways forward to ensure that the five crucial SusChem innovation priorities identified above are systematically considered in these two high-level policy initiatives.
We hope for a highly interactive debate and welcome your questions and expectations on the outcomes of the panels before the event (see below).

The SusChem event will also present the latest news and activities from our SusChem National Technology Platforms (NTPs).

Event objectives
The SusChem Stakeholder Event will be, as usual, a high-level initiative that aims to:
  • Improve dialogue between our stakeholders;
  • Identify innovation drivers for the future;
  • Present the European chemical industry as a solution provider to address societal challenges;
  • Promote a common view between the chemical industry and the European Commission to increase synergies and develop shared solutions on innovation priority areas.
A dedicated registration website has been set up for the event that includes links to discounted accommodation at the Hotel Bloom.

To ensure full, open and interactive discussions on current innovation priorities and to identify those that are missing from the European Commission packages, you are invited to submit your questions for the panels and also your expectations for outcomes from these two high-level panel debates as part of the registration process. You can submit your questions and comments when you register and there will also be a link for question submission sent with the registration confirmation email.

You can register here. For more information on registration, please contact the SusChem secretariat.

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