Wednesday, 9 April 2014

SusChem is at Industrial Technologies 2014!

The European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) has joined forces with the Greek Presidency of the EU to promote Smart Growth through Research and Innovation at the European Commission’s major Industrial Technologies 2014 event that is taking place in Athens from 9 – 11 April. 

The Industrial Technologies 2014 conference is part of the programme of the Greek Presidency of the EU and integrates nanotechnology, biotechnology, advanced materials and new production technologies; all areas where SusChem has a leading role in coordinating and initiating research and innovation projects and programmes.

SusChem will demonstrate its broad influence in pushing forward industrial technologies and competitiveness in Europe in collaboration with many partners.
Sustainable chemistry is a key enabler to ensure competitiveness in Europe and a vital component of almost all value chains across the continent.

Dr. Jacques Komornicki, Cefic Innovation Manager and SusChem Manager, will be leading the SusChem team at Industrial Technologies 2014 and says: “SusChem is at Industrial Technologies 2014 to continue to provide input into the Horizon 2020 programme as it evolves and to ensure that sustainable chemistry remains at the forefront of European innovation.”

Dr. Komornicki is a member of the external advisory group for the conference.

Visit Stand B6
The SusChem stand will be at Booth B6 in the exhibition area and will highlight how innovation and chemistry can help tackle societal challenges (see below).

As well as highlighting SusChem and its European and national technology platform network, the stand will feature the two major SusChem inspired public-private partnerships under Horizon 2020:

BioBased Industry Consortium (BIC) JTI – using renewable resources and innovative technologies to create greener everyday products [link to IndTech2014 poster]
Sustainable Process Industries through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) contractual PPP – dedicated to resource and energy efficiency across multiple process sectors [link to IndTech2014 poster]

The stand will also showcase four on-going SusChem FP7-funded projects:

Bio-Tic – assessing the future of European industrial biotechnology [link to IndTech2014 poster]
CRM_InnoNet – substitution of critical raw materials [link to IndTech2014 poster]
MatVal – a value chain approach to materials research and innovation [link to IndTech2014 poster]
R4R – resource and energy efficiency in the regional chemical industry [link to IndTech2014 poster]

These projects exemplify SusChem’s strategic approach. “The FP7 projects show how the knowledge we gain from these projects then feeds into our strategic research and innovation agenda,” comments Dr. Komornicki.

You can download the SusChem poster for IndTech 2014 here.

Conference speakers
SusChem will also be taking a leading role in the conference sessions. Dr. Gernot Klotz, Cefic Executive Director Research and Innovation, will be speaking in the plenary session on ‘Horizon 2020, NMP and Regional Funds Research Strategies’. This plenary session will investigate how the mission of Horizon 2020 can help target regional growth and promote ‘SusChem’ enabling technologies, and how this will benefit everyday life and society at large.

Also at the conference Antonia Morales Perez, Cefic Innovation Manager, will be chairing the session entitled ‘Ensuring availability and security of water supplies – New business opportunities for European industry’.

Morales Perez says “ensuring the security of our water supplies is challenging in Europe because the water business is not considered to be very profitable and needs a broader perspective since water affects not only citizens and water sectors, but also has a strong impact on industry activity and growth.”

She continues: “the chemical sector is committed to collaborating with other sectors for the benefit of Europe and our focus here today is on how the chemical Industry can help boost sustainable water management.”

Other sustainable chemistry speakers can be found featured throughout the conference programme.

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