Friday, 12 April 2013

EIS5: Watch the Video!

The Fifth European Innovation Summit (EIS5) organised by Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels from 30 September to 3 October. To promote the event K4I has just released a new video trailer. 

K4I believes that Europe’s competitiveness is declining and with high unemployment rates there is a drop in the average living standards of European citizens. At the same time investment in research and innovation also appears to be declining.

EIS5 will be the culmination of K4I’s Wake up Europe initiative, which aims to put forward proposals to reverse these negative trends.

As the new instruments proposed for the next Financial period (2014 – 2020) will be in their final negotiation phase at the time of the event, EIS5 will be as the perfect opportunity to discuss and address any issues that remain unresolved and put forward suggestions to optimize the crucial decisions which remain to be taken.

By EIS5 much attention will have shifted towards the implementation of Horizon 2020 and other European instruments. The summit is a great opportunity for innovation stakeholders to debate and discover how they can embrace these new opportunities.

SusChem will, of course, be there!

More information
For more information visit the Fifth European Innovation Summit website or contact the K4I secretariat.

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