Thursday, 18 April 2013

Strategy for Substitution

Ensuring that European industries can access Critical Raw Materials (CRM) is a major strategic objective for the EU’s political and economic agenda. The recently launched Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network (CRM_InnoNet) FP7 project aims to support this objective with the creation of a strategic innovation network for individuals and organizations working on the substitution of CRM. This network was initiated at a workshop in Brussels on 15 April. The workshop was an important event for the CRM research and innovation community and attracted some 110 participants.

This first strategic workshop launched the project ‘Innovation Network’ on Monday 15 April 2013 at the Diamant Conference complex in Brussels. The Network provides an identity and focus for researchers and businesses with an interest in substitution by drawing together a community which contains representatives from different disciplines and sectors together with a focus on CRM substitution for the first time.

Interviews with CRM_InnoNet project coordinator Claire Claessen of CIKTN and Pablo Tello of PNO Consultants were recorded at the workshop (see below).

The workshop included a general panel discussion to allow participants to get involved with the structure and mission of the network. This was followed by breakout sessions around strategic sectors such as Energy, Transport and ICT, as well as cross-cutting application areas to allow participants to exchange ideas about the challenges and opportunities in those sectors.

What is CRM_InnoNet?
The project is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded under FP7 that will act to create an integrated community to drive innovation in the field of critical raw material substitution for the benefit of EU industry.

The European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials aims to play a major role in securing a sustainable supply of raw materials for Europe and has set itself an ambitious list of targets to achieve by 2020. CRM_InnoNet’s goals complement those of the EIP on Raw Materials and the project will seek to align its outputs with those of the EIP.

The CRM_InnoNet consortium is comprised of recognised and experienced key actors across the value chain of substitution of CRM representing academic, research and industry bodies of relevant sectors that will ensure a wide European coverage and high potential to engage other necessary players across the ERA.

More information?
For more information visit the CRM_InnoNet website that includes a blog, news and events, or the contact project secretariat at CIKTN.

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