Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Industrial Technologies 2012: Awards and Declarations

The Industrial Technologies 2012 conference in Aarhus Denmark was a real winner for SusChem on a number of levels. The event concluded with the signing of a declaration by a number of industrial innovation players, including SusChem, committing them to help bring Europe out of its economic woes through innovation and entrepreneurship. SusChem inspired FP6 project IMPULSE was also voted 'Best Industrial Technologies Project' at the event's Gala Dinner.

We published pictures from Day 1 of the conference earlier. Here are some photo highlights from the following two days in Aarhus.

The declaration at the end of the conference was signed by SusChem chairman Dr Klaus Sommer (third left above) on behalf of the Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) consortium.

On the morning of Wednesday 20 June Michael Roper of BASF (above), a member of the SusChem Management Team, contributed on behalf of the platform to the session on critical raw materials.

And the winner is ...

The conference Gala Dinner was held on the evening of 20 June with the highlight of the evening being the Best Industrial Technologies Project awards. SusChem was represented by the IMPULSE. The project was presented by Prof Michael Matlosz of Nancy University.

Ten projects had been shortlisted for the final. All the projects were presented via a short video (see Mike  Matlosz above explaining aspects of process intensification) and an improvised Q&A session with our host for the evening Danish musical maestro Kim Sjogren (right below).

Needless to say the vote was an overwhelming victory for SusChem inspired IMPULSE and Mike Matlosz was joined on stage by IMPULSE consortium chairman Sue Fleet of Britest (right below) to receive the award.

The award was sponsored by the European Commission's DG Research Directorate for Industrial Technologies. Director Herbert von Bose (below right) congratulated Mike Matlosz and the team on the award.

Celebrations of the IMPULSE win were shared by SusChem team members and a very special thank you to Dr. Patrick Loeb of IMM who supplied a number of key IMPULSE components for Mike's 'show and tell'.

However the next morning both Sue Fleet (below) and Mike Matlosz were up and ready to present SusChem's 'Educate to Innovate' programme to the Thursday morning session on Innovation Skills.

And there was still time for a final video recording for the European Commission's official record of the conference.

More to come
During the conference the SusChem communication team recorded interviews with SusChem stakeholders and members of the SPIRE consortium. We will be posting these videos over the next few weeks.

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