Friday, 8 June 2012

SusChem Board Update

Three new members were recently welcomed to the board by SusChem chairman Dr. Klaus Sommer. Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer succeeded Prof Matthias Beller as representative for GDCh, the German Chemical Society, and Dr. Nico Kos has replaced Dr. Louis Vertegaal to represent Dutch Research organisation NWO on the board. Dr Peter Jansens of DSM has also recently joined the board.

Peter Jansens (left) has enjoyed a career in academia and industry. He is now Director of DSM’s Chemtech Centre having previously worked with Shell and as Professor of Separation Technology at Delft Technology University.

Nico Kos (right) is Senior Manager working on international innovation programmes at NWO. He has broad experience of international collaboration and including the development of programmes such as ERA-nets and European infrastructure projects, and most recently the Euro-Chemistry initiative.

Klaus Kümmerer (left) is Professor of Sustainable Chemistry and Resources at Leuphana University Luneburg. Since 2007 he has chaired the GDCh’s Sustainable Chemistry division. He has wide knowledge of both chemistry and the ecological impact of chemicals.

Strategy role
The SusChem Board manages the technology platform’s overall strategy and activities. Its members are drawn from SusChem’s main stakeholder groups. The SusChem board currently consists of 15 individuals including the chairman and details of all board members can be found here.

The full board meets at least four times a year, usually in Brussels. In addition there are regular teleconferences and other virtual meetings of board members involved in specific tasks.

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