Friday, 18 May 2012

SusChem at IndTech 2012

It is just a month until the doors open for the Industrial Technologies 2012 event in Aarhus, Denmark and SusChem will be involved throughout the proceedings. The three-day event that begins on 19 June will see high profile speakers from industry, government and research debate the future of European research and industry, consider how Europe can succeed in the face of global competition, and discuss the form and impact of the forthcoming European Commission Framework Programme for Research and Innovation: Horizon 2020.

SusChem will be providing speakers for a number of the conference sessions on each day of the conference and will be present in the exhibition area throughout. SusChem is an official Media Partner of the event.

SusChem programme
Industrial Technologies 2012 includes five plenary sessions covering ‘Visions for 2020’, ‘European Industry in 2020’, ‘Innovation in Industrial Technologies’, ‘International Cooperation’, and ‘NMP in Horizon 2020’. In addition, some 18 other conference sessions and 15 workshop sessions form a packed programme.

SusChem highlights for the first day will see Pierre Joris, Chief Science & Innovation Officer at Solvay will contribute on behalf of SusChem to the second plenary session on ‘European Industry in 2020’at 11:00. An interview recorded with Pierre at the SusChem 2012 Stakeholder is available below.

Pierre Joris at SusChem 2012

SusChem’s public private partnership innovation initiative SPIRE will be the main focus of the ‘Resource Efficient Process Industries’ session on the afternoon of 19 June. Speakers will include SusChem board member Peter Nagler of Evonik and Jean Pierre Birat from Acelor Mittal.

SPIRE and this session were the topic of the first ‘Hot Topics’ bulletin issued by the Industrial Technologies 2012 organisers and highlighting the potentially huge positive impact of this SusChem inspired initiative on European industry, the environment and competitiveness.

Further SusChem contributions on the first day will be to sessions on ‘Low Emission Transportation Industry’ and ‘Fostering European Competence and Competitiveness through Innovation’.

Day two and three
On June 20 SusChem contributes to four sessions. In the morning Gernot Klotz of Cefic will address the session organized by NANOfutures. In the afternoon Gernot will also address the session on ‘Reducing Time to Market’, while Michael Roeper of BASF will contribute to the session on ‘Critical Raw Materials’ the subject of a proposed European Innovation Partneship (EIP). SusChem will also contribute to the presentation of the EIP on Water to the afternoon session on ‘Quality of Life improving the availability of water’.

On the final day SusChem education initiatives including the Educate to Innovate project will be presented to the session on ‘Competence Building for Industrial Competitiveness’ session and a couple of speakers are contributing to the ‘Industrial Symbiosis’ session.

Finally SusChem chairman Klaus Sommer will be speaking during the closing plenary covering how NMP is likely to be reflected in Horizon 2020, in terms of the approaches, funding and developments that will affect this area. The session is described as an ‘Industrial Technologies Declaration’.

One-stop shop
Industrial Technologies 2012 takes place in the Concert Hall in Aarhus and offers a one-stop shop for integrated coverage of nanoscience and nanotechnology, materials, and new production processes (NMP). The programme highlights the knowledge intensive products and processes driving European growth to 2020 and will help to identify solutions to improve the framework conditions for innovation in Europe.

Several sessions will look at those products and processes where Europe can build or maintain global leadership in the next decade; these may include mass producing low emission vehicles, making new buildings net energy producers, or offering new therapies enabled by developments in nanomedicine. These areas will require input from all areas of NMP, and will bring together researchers and industry to address both technical and non-technical challenges.

Industrial Technologies 2012 will point to specific, actionable solutions that will ensure that European industry can achieve its full potential for innovation.

SusChem contributed to the steering group which developed the programme content.

Industrial Technologies 2012 is supported by the European Commission DG Research and Innovation and its Industrial Technologies Programme and is a highlight of the Danish Presidency of the European Council.

More information
More in formation on the programme for Industrial Technologies can be found here and details of registration here. Visit the Industrial Technologies 2012 website for the full details and insights on the numerous sessions taking place.

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