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Wednesday 7 March 2012

SPIRE Road Mapping Under Way

SusChem, together with the other sector partners involved in the Resource and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REP), have started a significant technology road mapping exercise with support from major European Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs). This process will build an initial set of technology road maps covering opportunities and priorities across both energy and resource efficiency. The results will feed into preparations for future major research and innovation initiatives under the proposed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE).

Two workshops have already been held, with a third scheduled for mid-March. The mapping is organised around four workgroups that have been formed to cover all aspects of the value chain:
  • Raw materials / feedstock
  • Process
  • Products
  • Waste and recycling
“The results from this initial road mapping exercise will be published and disseminated for a wider consultation with REP stakeholders and other interested parties,” says Ed D’Hooghe, Innovation Manager at Cefic. “We hope to have initial reports available for a first review on or around the SusChem Stakeholder event in April.”

The SusChem Stakeholder event will feature a dedicated session on Resource Efficiency on the afternoon of 17 April and a workshop on the morning of 18 April. The full event programme can be consulted here.

The REP brings together more than 10 major industrial sectors in Europe that aim to promote co-operation between industrial sectors and seek sustainable solutions in industry processes that promote resource and energy efficiency.

The partnership comprises a broad range of major European Industry Associations with two European Technology Platforms directly involved: SusChem and the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP). In addition the European Water Platform (WssTP) and the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral resources (SMR) are associated with the partnership.

More information
For more information on SusChem activities in REP and the technology road mapping consultation, please contact Ed D’Hooghe at Cefic.

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