Sunday, 11 March 2012

BIOCHEM Business Videos

The SusChem inspired bio-based innovation project BIOCHEM is producing a series of video lectures to support enterprises looking to considering entering the bio-based products market. The first series on business basic has just been published as part of the BIOCHEM toolbox.

The first set of videos will consist of seven business orientated presentations. A general introduction video is followed by six further videos that explain the mysteries of putting together sound Business Models and Plans and give advice on how to attract investor capital. Each video is between five and ten minutes long allowing viewers to get information in easily digestible parts.

The six main video topics are:
  • Module 1: What is a Business Model?
  • Module 2: How to build Business Model
  • Module 3: The Business Plan "Puzzle"
  • Module 4: Who are the investors?
  • Module 5: The "deal funnel"
  • Module 6: On-line tool to check your Business Plan
Further videos are planned for upload during March:
  • BIOCHEM Market update
  • Carbon Foot Print
  • Sustainable design guide
BIOCHEM is a Europe-wide project co-funded by the European Commission to support SMEs wishing to innovate in the emerging market of bio-based products. Find out more here.

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