Wednesday, 16 January 2013

MatVal launches in Rome

A new SusChem-supported FP7 project will hold its launch conference in Rome on 7 and 8 February. The MatVal project was initiated by the Alliance for Materials (A4M): the grouping of European Technology Platforms (ETPs), including SusChem, that are working together to collaborate and coordinate their strong materials research and innovation agendas. The Rome launch conference promises to be one of the major events of the European materials community this year!

Through the A4M organization and the MatVal project Europe is now equipped with a multi-stakeholder forum to develop and share a single view on materials needs and accelerate the implementation of material innovations towards the end-user market applications. A4M is a new way of thinking: a partnership and networking initiative for materials research and innovation.

The two-year, €1.3 million MatVal project aims to integrate requirements, ideas and solutions in materials across sectors to create synergies and develop a truly coordinated and competitive materials R&D programme for Europe.

Two days, two venues
The MatVal launch conference event will take place at two venues in Rome over the two days. The conference will open on the afternoon of 7 February at MAXXI – Italy’s new National Museum of 21st Century Arts and continue on 8 February at the National Research Council (CNR). The event will bring together policymakers, R&D experts, material manufacturers and end-users.

Opening speakers will include Maria Da Gra├ža Carvalho, MEP, a member of the European Parliament’s ITRE (Industry Research and Energy) committee and rapporteur for Horizon 2020, and Herbert von Bose, Director of Industrial Technologies at DG Research.

The first day will set the scene for A4M, describe the European materials research, development and innovation (R&D&I) landscape with respect to the forthcoming Horizon 2020 programme and outline the value chain approach to materials R&D&I including a presentation of SusChem activities by Jacques Komornicki, Innovation Manager at Cefic.

The value chain approach is a key element for A4M that can drive synergistic benefits through a common path which integrates players, resources and strategies starting from fundamental aspects of materials science up to the industrial systems that turn materials into valuable products.

The second day will examine issues with materials R&D&I along a number of value chains: energy, transport, construction, health and the creative sector. The conference will conclude by discussing and outlining the next steps for A4M and the MatVal project.

The conference will also offer some great networking opportunities – including a private tour of the MAXXI museum.

What is MatVal?
The MatVal FP7 project aims to develop an integrated and efficient materials R&D programme for Europe by answering questions such as:

  • How best to move from research to innovation in materials R&D?
  • How can Europe cluster R&D along value chains?
  • What are the implications and opportunities of the EU initiative on raw materials?
  • How can we create strong and durable partnerships in the European materials community?

Essentially MatVal aims to be the crossroads where materials developers, manufacturers, suppliers and end-users meet to improve efficiency in European materials innovation and boost competitiveness.

MatVal’s key objectives include:

  • Contributing to the implementation of the A4M view and strategy
  • Integrating the diversity of ideas in Materials across ETPs
  • Promoting the Value Chain concept as a main driver for integration.
  • Accelerating industrial exploitation of materials
  • Supporting the European Commission in establishing R&I priorities.

Get involved
The MatVal project is funded by the European Commission’s FP7 programme. Its full title is ‘Alliance for Materials – A Value Chain Approach to Materials Research and Innovation’. More information on the MatVal project can be found on the Cordis website.

For more information on the MatVal launch event in Rome, please contact the organizing secretariat Giorgia Camilla Gelati.

For more information on SusChem and chemical industry involvement in MatVal and A4M, please contact Jacques Komornicki.

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