Friday, 27 July 2012

Investment Forum for Biotech Enterprise at BioSpain 2012

The SusChem supported European project BIOCHEM will be at BioSpain 2012 in Bilbao on 19 to 21 September to hold an industrial biotechnology investment forum. This is the first time BIOSPAIN has organised such a forum, which has the objective of presenting start-up projects or SMEs in an initial development phase, or having high potential, to an audience of international investors and financiers who are specialised in the bio-based market segment.

Participation in the investment forum at BioSpain 2012 is free and will allow entrepreneurs to present their projects to an international panel of expert investors and industrial representatives who will be able to asses and evaluate their ideas, increasing the chances of finding the right investor and partners. You only need to complete a short profile of your company to participate. The registration and profile form can be found here.

BIOCHEM uses the term “Accelerator Fora” for these events that are targeted at biotechnological SMEs, researchers and entrepreneurs. As part of Accelerator Fora activities a Business Plan Competition, technological transfer sessions and bilateral meetings with International representatives will also take place. for more information, please visit the BIOCHEM page on the BioSpain 2012 website.

Support to Entrepreneurs
BIOCHEM is a European Project that offers a unique promotion and financing opportunity to entrepreneurs and researchers who plan to start a business in the biological product sector. This is enabled via ‘Accelerator Fora’ events that bring together potential partners from industry, academia, venture capital and laboratory facilities throughout Europe.

BIOCHEM was launched in February 2010. It is a European initiative with the participation of 16 partners, two of which are Spanish: Feique and Madrid Network‐Biocluster. The project is co‐financed by the European Commission’s INNOVA programme to support companies who wish to access the growing biotechnological based chemicals product market. For more information visit the BIOCHEM website or to register with the BIOCHEM collaboration platform visit the dedicated site.

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