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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock

Increased carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions due to human activity are seen as largely responsible for the greenhouse effect and thus for inducing climate change. Reducing global CO2 emissions is an international political priority. And chemistry is playing its role in exploring how CO2 may be used as a chemical feedstock to make a range of useful materials and products. The 'Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Chemical and Polymers' conference in Essen, Germany will showcase recent developments and emerging technologies.

At first sight it may seem paradoxical to wish to use energy-poor, inert CO2 molecules as a chemical feedstock. But considerable research and development efforts in recent years have led to new and innovative CO2-recycling technologies and a possible vision of a sustainable CO2 economy.

The conference, that takes place in the Haus der Technik in Essen on 10 and 11 October 2012, will highlight a range of advanced research projects and commercial solutions that are pioneering possible pathways to using CO2 as a feedstock for the chemical industry. Participants at the conference will gain an invaluable overview of the current successful processes, as well as learning about the solutions international leading companies, universities and research centres have envisaged for the short and medium term.

Chemicals and polymers
The conference will focus on chemical and polymer production based on CO2 gases (including PPC/PEC production, polyols and polyurethanes), CO2 fermentation, carbonation of glycerol and other chemicals, bioelectrochemical CO2 conversion and other techniques. Presentations will not only give a complete picture for these themes, but will also cover topics such as solar fuels (both photovoltaic and CO2 conversion to fuels), use of algae and much more.

The conference will consist of six main sessions covering:
  • The CO2 economy – Vision, drivers and framework
  • CO2 purification and technical preparation: how to render CO2 a suitable feedstock
  • CO2 as carbon source for innovative chemistry
  • CO2 fixation for polymer synthesis
  • Innovative fermentation strategies using CO2 as carbon source
  • CO2 reduction as starting point for renewable and sustainable fuels.
The Essen event will be the biggest conference on this important topic this year.

For more information download the Conference flyer which includes a preliminary programme. The conference will also host an associated exhibition and an extensive poster session. SusChem founding partner Cefic is also a partner for the conference and Cefic members can receive a 10% discount on registration.

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