Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Voting time for FP successor

You have until 17:30 Brussels time on Friday 17 June to register your vote for the three short-listed names for the next European Commission programme on research, development and innovation.

The three names were announced by research commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn (below) at the end of the Common Strategic Framework (CSF) conference on Friday (June 10). The conference was held to discuss the public consultation on the Green Paper on future research and innovation programmes, to which more than 2,000 responses were submitted.

Out of the 1600 suggestions received, the European Commission chose the following trio as candidate titles for its next research funding programme, due to start in 2014.

  • Discover 2020

  • Horizon 2020

  • Imagine 2020

The final public choice will be announced around June 20. You can vote here now.

Resounding support
The conference and consultation showed a resounding public backing for the Commission's Green Paper proposal to bring research, development and innovation under one unified framework. The Commission will work to design the future research and innovation programme in the light of the consultation responses between now and the autumn.

Some main messages from the public consultation were:

  • Strong support for bringing research and innovation closer together to enhance the impact of EU funding

  • Simplification of processes should be a top priority

  • EU funding for research and innovation should be directed towards major societal challenges

  • Successful elements of the Framework Programmes (European Research Council, Marie Curie programmes, themed collaborative research) should remain as core elements

  • Funding calls should be less prescriptive and allow room for smaller projects and consortia

  • Support should be available for all stages in the innovation/ value chain using appropriate instruments

  • Enabling easier access by SMEs to EU research and innovation funding is important

  • Basic and applied research should work (and be funded) together

You can read the European Commission analysis of public consultation here.

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