Monday, 23 May 2011

ICIS Interactive - SusChem Special

A special issue of ICIS Interactive hosted and edited by John Baker, one of ICIS Chemical Business' most experienced editors, has just been published. This digital newsletter features images and viewpoints from the SusChem Stakeholder event in Amsterdam.

The publication covers all aspects of the SusChem Stakeholder event from 17 May and encompasses articles on the how, why and when of European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs), SusChem's goals and current work in this area, and gives insights on many other aspects of SusChem's programme.

A series of video interviews are featured including:

  • Waldemar Kütt from Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn’s cabinet explaining European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs).

  • SusChem board members Peter Nagler and Gernot Klotz discussing the role SusChem can play in EIPs.

  • Gerard van Harten from Dow outlining why industry needs to get involved.

  • Marcel Wubbolts of DSM talking about the importance of the bio-economy to Europe.

  • Nelo Emerencia of VNCI and SusChem Nederland explaining why SusChem national platforms have a key role to play.

  • Klaus Sommer of Bayer describing how work on one of the SusChem inspired EIPs on resource efficiency in the process industry is progressing.

The Amsterdam event panel discussion and closing remarks are also covered by photo features.

To access this ICIS Interactive Special either click on the cover image above or click here. The ICIS Interactive will then open in a new window.

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