Thursday, 24 August 2017

BIOKET event to focus on the Bioeconomy emerging KETs

On 6 to 8 March 2018, the IAR - the French Bioeconomy Cluster - is organising BIOKET, the global conference dedicated to the Bioeconomy’s Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). The event will focus on innovative biobased solutions and processes and emphasise innovation in processes for biomass conversion using emerging technologies, minimising waste production and optimising economics. BIOKET will take place in Strasbourg at the Convention Exhibition Centre close to the city centre.

Biomass is a wonderful resource that can be transformed into chemicals, biobased materials, food and feed ingredients or energy. However, adaptation and optimisation of transformation processes and technologies remains a real challenge to fully valorise all biomass fractions in a true circular economy approach.

In the context of the circular economy, the need for an optimal valorisation of renewable resources, and of Industry 4.0 considerations BIOKET will be an excellent opportunity for all experts to discuss and share their experiences with emerging and key enabling technologies for the bioeconomy.

Inspiring programme
An inspiring and targeted conference programme has been developed, which will tackle topics such as advanced and innovative biomass pre-treatment; technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization; extraction, separation and purification of biomass; process modelling and analytical methods and tools; innovative tools; design of bioprocesses, advanced fermentation.

You can download the draft programme here. BIOKET’s main programme topics include:

  • Advanced and innovative biomass pre-treatment – Physical and thermochemical pre-treatment – Densification – Fractionation
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization
  • Extraction, separation and purification of biomass
  • Process modelling and analytical methods and tools - in situ characterization techniques
  • Innovative tools: Enzymatic and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and bio-nanotechnology
  • Design of bioprocesses and advanced fermentation
In addition, a vast area of 1 500 square metres will host the BIOKET exhibition area and there will be ample opportunity for networking and finding new biobased business leads.

The BIOKET conference itself takes place on 7 and 8 March with a BBI and Bioeconomy Horizon 2020 project information and Brokerage pre-event scheduled for Tuesday 6 March.

Registration for the conference opens on 3 September, but you can find more information on the BIOKET website, where you can also subscribe to the BIOKET newsletter to receive updates on the event.

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