Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Call for Raw Materials Commitments open until 1 March

The European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials has an open Call for Commitments, but the deadline is approaching fast. This is the second call for Raw Materials Commitments launched by the EIP and the approaching deadline for submitting commitments is 1 March 2016. 

The EIP on Raw Materials was launched in 2012 and from the very beginning SusChem has been closely engaged in its work as sustainable chemistry has a clear role to play in ensuring the success of Europe’s Raw Materials strategy and enabling a fully functioning circular economy.

Preparing a Raw Materials Commitment can have multiple positive effects, starting with direct contribution and participation in the EIP, promoting your ideas in the area of raw materials, attracting useful suggestions or additional partners, and having the possibility to influence policy amongst others.

A Commitment is an undertaking by the partners to jointly commit to cooperate and take actions that will contribute to achieving the EIP's objectives. The first Call for Commitments in 2013 led to the recognition of 80 Raw Materials Commitments (RMCs).

RMC benefits
Getting recognition as a RMC provides the following benefits:
  • It raises awareness of the commitment, not only within the EIP community but also more broadly
  • It gives a quality assurance to the commitment at the European level
  • It guarantees accordance with the EIP (as specified in the Strategic Implementation Plan or SIP) and with the EU raw materials policy framework on which the EIP is based
  • It can facilitate access to finance from various sources (however the EIP is not itself a funding instrument)
  • It creates opportunities to join forces with related commitments
  • It gives access to the work of the EIP's Operational Groups
  • It gives visibility and access to contacts outside the EU through opportunities to participate in EU raw materials diplomacy activities
How to apply
The EIP is seeking a wide participation from across the European Union and along the entire raw materials value chain from partners who will carry out actions contributing to the objectives of the EIP. To achieve this the European Commission will regularly launch "Calls for Commitments" to mobilise authorities, industry, academia and other relevant stakeholders.

In order to obtain recognition as an RMC under the EIP, a commitment should meet all the conditions set out in Call for Commitment's Guidelines and proposals must be submitted by using the online submission form.

All submitted proposals will then be evaluated by the EIP's High-Level Steering Group.
All the information on the 2015 Call for Commitments can be found here. For more information contact the EIP secretariat.

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