Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Process Intensification in Delft

TNO is hosting the Implementation of Process Intensification Technologies (IPIT) symposium on 15 April 2011 at the Prinsenhof in Delft, the Netherlands. The IPIT Symposium will focus on practical implementations of Process Intensification Technologies with contributions from international chemicals producers and equipment manufacturers. SusChem is supporting the event.

Process Intensification Technologies promise time-saving and flexibility, enabling more cost-effective and sustainable production of chemicals. They are a key aspect of the SusChem inspired F3 Factory project. The IPIT Symposium will highlight barriers to implementation of the technology and discuss how technology leaders in this field succeed. Presentations at the symposium will give examples of best practise and excellence in implementation. A panel discussion is scheduled for the end of the event.

Speakers include Edouard Croufer of Arthur D. Little Benelux, Raf Reintjens of DSM, Nigel Fletcher from Foster Wheeler and Lothar Ott of Lonza. Sigurd Bucholz of Bayer Technology Services and project coordinator for the F3 Factory project will also present, as will Hartmut Schiemann of Procter & Gamble, Peter van Broeck from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Prof. Xiong-Wei Ni of NiTech, and Dirk Verdoes of TNO.

Registration details
The registration fee for the IPIT symposium is is €200 and you can register at: http://www.tno.nl/ipitsymposium. A preliminary programme for the event is already available.

The symposium commences at 9:00 am and will close with a buffet dinner and networking opportunity from 18:00. Delegates are also invited to join a guided tour of the museum Prinsenhof at 20:00. The museum tells the story of William of Orange and his role in the creation of the Dutch Republic.

Symposium organisers TNO offer innovative processing technologies in a Flow Chemistry approach to Process Intensification, whereby the whole processing chain, from reaction to final purification of the desired product, is the area of attention. In hosting the IPIT Symposium, TNO hopes to give delegates the chance to learn about European-wide experiences with Process Intensification in practice.

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  1. Must say Hats Off to Process Intensification Technologies and equipment manufacturers.


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