Sunday, 11 April 2010

SusChem Flanders to launch at i-SUP 2010

On Wednesday, April 21 the Flanders' Strategic Initiative for Sustainable Chemistry (FISCH), initiated by essenscia flanders, is organising a special meeting during the i-SUP 2010 Conference. The event will introduce the FISCH initiative and its forthcoming position as a regional/ national platform within SusChem.

The meeting will be held in the Bach room of the ‘Oud Sint-Jan’ (Old Saint John’s Hospital) conference facility in the centre of the beautiful medieval town of Bruges and the event starts at 14:00.

Carl Van der Auwera from essenscia flanders will introduce the roadmap and business plan for FISCH and Ger Spork Innovation Manager at Cefic R&I will outline SusChem’s action plan at the European level.

Posters papers describing initiatives in sustainable chemistry are welcome and registration for the FISCH/ SusChem Flanders event is easy. Just send an e-mail to Luc Van Ginneken also indicating if you will present a poster or not.

Registration for the FISCH/SusChem Flanders event is free of charge, but is part of the larger i-SUP 2010 Conference that is taking place in Bruges from April 18 to 21.

i-SUP 2010 is a multi-level conference on sustainable production organised by VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research).

A large part of the conference is devoted to sustainable chemistry including presentations from guest speakers including Sigurd Buchholz (Bayer Technology Services), Stephan Freyer (BASF), Jacco van Haveren (Wageningen University), Paul Watts (Hull University), Melvin Koch (University of Washington) and Evan Beach (Yale University).

In addition, more than 20 speakers will talk about the latest developments in bio-based chemistry, process intensification, and the European and US vision and strategy for sustainable chemistry.

For more information and registration visit the i-SUP 2010 Conference website.

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