Tuesday, 26 January 2010

SusChem Netherlands starts work

The Dutch SusChem National Technology Platform (NTP) – SusChem Nederland – held its first meeting on 12 October 2009 at the offices of VNCI in The Hague. The platform is planning a number of activities during 2010.

The chairman of SusChem Nederland’s governing board is Gerard van Harten (Chairman of the Board at Dow Benelux) and the NTP’s secretary is Nelo Emerencia of VNCI. Three Working Groups have been established covering White Biotechnology (led by Jan Wisse, Managing Director of the Netherlands’ Biotech Industry Association - Niaba), Material Technologies (led by Rene Lammers, Global Director of R&D at Unilever) and Reaction & Process Design (led by Andrzej Stankiewicz, Professor of Process Intensification at TU Delft).

A draft programme for 2010 was discussed at the initial management meeting and a further meeting was held on 26 January in The Hague. At the January meeting the three work groups reported on a first analysis of ongoing projects and programmes in the Netherlands (and across Europe) where SusChem Nederland should make contact. The team also looked at fleshing out the 2010 programme. A dedicated website for SusChem NL will be launched during the year.

For more information please contact Nelo Emerencia of VNCI.

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