Thursday, 17 December 2009

SusChem Chairman Succession Process

Current SusChem Chairman Rodney Townsend will now retire in July 2010. A process for selecting the next chairman has been agreed by the board and a number of possible candidates to replace him are being considered. A small committee consisting of two representatives each from the industrial and academic stakeholders on the board, together with the Chairman, and with support from the SusChem secretariat, is meeting regularly to initiate, evaluate and nominate a candidate to succeed Prof. Townsend.

The aim will be to provide a nomination by the beginning of 2010. This small committee is also to be tasked with a review of the roles and responsibilities of board members. This will ensure that the board has the necessary clarity and skills to properly address SusChem’s future strategy and progress its programme. A similar review of the SusChem Management Team composition is also to be undertaken, in particular to ensure a smooth initiation of the annual IAP update process.

For more information please contact the SusChem secretariat.

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